At Transmin, we use geometallurgical analysis to optimize mining and metallurgy for optimum profit.

Geometallurgy relies on thorough understanding of geology, mining and metallurgy. Is not new. Variability testing and mapping have been done for 500 years. The difference that we bring is that Transmin has a unique set of tools and work flow procedures to achieve bankable quality geometallurgical models with minimum time and cost.

Geometallurgy with Transmin involves:

  • Geological interpretation for metallurgical performance
  • Sample selection, extraction, characterization and testing
  • Results analysis, geometallurgical domain selection
  • Metallurgical performance prediction in mine planning
  • Gap analysis and risk management


  • Maximize the value of the deposit.
  • Ensure the plant throughput is as projected.
  • Reduce risks in economical predictions.
  • Minimize short term issues by blending.
  • Improve communication between miners and metallurgists.
  • Document geometallurgical domains and parameters.

Cancha is the only integrated solution for geometallurgical sample selection, result interpretation, prediction modelling and reporting.

Functions include:

Drill logs visualization and statistical analysis

    • 3D visualization and statistical analysis
    • Metallurgical sample selection and representivity audit
    • Metallurgical testwork analysis and interpretation
    • Geometallurgical prediction algorithm generation
    • Model quality and confidence metrics
    • Automated documentation and reporting