Key Staff

Transmin has the team to support any project: testwork, design, and operations

Adam Johnston

Chief Metallurgist

Fellow AusIMM

Chartered Professional (Metallurgy)

Over 25 years experience in extractive metallurgy. Worked on testing, design, construction, commissioning, and operation of a wide variety of processes on six continents.

Luis Miguel La Torre

Principal Metallurgist

15+ years experience in extractive metallurgy.

Lead major improvements in metallurgy and throughput on several operations in South and Central America. Expert in comminution design.

Cesar Fuentes

Principal Metallurgist

15+ years experience in extractive metallurgy worked on several major testwork programs for copper, gold and silver projects.

Leads simulation software sales, gas dispertion studies training and consulting for Transmin.

Leslie Lopez

Senior Geometallurgist

Leslie is a chemical engineer with a masters in extractive metallurgy. Experience in copper flotation, copper leaching, and iron ore befeficiation.

Expertise in geometallurgical modeling.

Mayra Jefferson

Senior Metallurgist

Mayra is a chemical engineer with a masters in extractive metallurgy from the Western Australian School of Mines. Experience in base metal flotation, geometallury, simulation, design and testwork supervision in a range of metals.

Javier Velasquez

Senior Data Scientist

Javier studied scientific computing and has done research in machine learning. Javier supports Transmin's metallurgical team with the latest in machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Giovana Paz


Giovana is a metallurgical engineer, has experience in the preparation of engineering documents and advanced data processing and analysis.

Cristian Pazos


Cristian is a metallurgical engineer that has worked in testwork laboratories, phosphate concentration operations and polymetallic flotation operations. He has experience in material balance audits, comminution simulation and process optimization.

Belenia Medina


Belenia is a chemical engineer and has a PhD in froth flotation. Specialist in development of conceptual engineering studies for manganese and copper.

Michel Quispe


Michel is a metallurgical engineer who has worked in copper and polymetallic concentration operations. He has experience in material balance audits, simulation of flotation circuits and process optimization.

Jack Quispe


Jack has experience supervising laboratory metallurgical tests, sampling campaigns in copper, gold, and polymetallic concentrators as supervising technician and safety manager. He also has experience developing balances, modeling and simulation of concentrators.

Steffani Ccahuaya

Project Administrator

Steffani is a business administrator with +10 years experience in project management. She has and exemplary record managing resources, time and budgets. She has experience as a facilitator providing administrative support needed for projects.

Jorge León


Jorge is a metallurgical engineer with experience in flotation plant operation and laboratory testworks for comminution, flotation and microscopy.

He has experience in technical document elaboration and data analysis.

Diego Mendoza


Diego is a chemical engineer that has expertise in geochemistry at laboratory and plant level.

He also has experience in data analysis and process optimization.

Jefferson Rondan

Senior Software Engineer

Jefferson is an electronic engineer with lots of expertise in designing, developing and testing graphics and AI software.

He applies all this knowledge by leading Cancha's development team.

Andres Revolledo

Computer Scientist

Andres is a computer scientist and has expertise in advanced graphics programming. Andres is part Cancha's development team, developing geometallurgical analysis and visualization tools.