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Water Management

Site wide water balances for mining operations require inputs and outputs to be coordinated between many areas.
The balances change with the seasons and change further with the operation development.

Mining, mineral processing, tailings management, services, community and environmental areas often have trouble getting alignment on frameworks, requirements and projections.  Transmin has had some notable success in facilitating alignment between the engineering, operations and technical experts that have to come together to develop the required water balance.
Water balances with Transmin involve:
  • Alignment with:
    • hydrologists and hydrogeologists
    • mine dewatering and backfill
    • mineral processing
    • tailings engineers
    • environmental and community commitments
  • Data compilation and validation
  • Steady state balances
  • Stoichastic analysis
  • Dynamic modelling
  • Risk modelling
  • Reduce capital cost of dams, pipes and pumps
  • Reduce water treatment requirements
  • Simplify operation complexity
  • Ensure compliance
  • Reduce risk